About The Blog

This blog is about life.

The everyday life of a rather ordinary engineering student struggling his way through the shrapnel of modern existence, one cynical step at a time with plenty of commentary to spare.

The everyday life of one of those pinpricks in the faceless cesspool of people, the colored experiences of one guy and the people around him. A momentary taste of how things look from behind another pair of eyes.

This is not about trying to win a Pulitzer. It’s not about the poetry. It’s not a showcase of writing skills. It’s not supposed to make any kind of point.

This blog is just a tapestry of thoughts coming off the sleeve of this efficient realist who you’ve probably never met, this compassionate cynic your lifestyle coach warned you about, this disappointed optimist looking to break out of the cliché.

Happy reading.




16 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. You write very well indeed and with great feeling, putting into words what a number of people, maybe even women (gasp!), might want to say for themselves.

    • Thanks, S!

      I do tend to get emotional about things. Not teary eyes, soggy-nosed emotional, but more like depressed, angry, passionate emotional. I guess it comes across in what I write.

      Comments like yours inspire me to go on. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hey, cynically engineered,

    Came across your blog via IHM’s, and I must say your ideas are a refreshing change from those of most of the guys your age.
    I was just about to kill the feminist in me, ’cause I noticed how many of my male friends, inspite of being surrounded by educated women, seemed to have the same old chauvinist/patriarchal ideas. But knowing that there’s atleast one sane man who believes in gender equality, I have renewed hope of finding more such people 🙂


    • Thank you, NG! Welcome to the blog.

      For most people, I think developing feminist or pro-feminist views is a one-way process. The idea of equality is a heady one, and anyone who gets a taste of its benefits (from either side of the gender fence) certainly finds it rather hard to go back to the stifling unfairness of patriarchy.

      Please do keep your core values alive and kicking. You are a citizen of the world and among the many billions of people here, you will certainly find many others who share your belief in equality.

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