What To Do At Long Traffic Lights

I discovered just the right thing to do, yesterday.

It all began with my discovery of A’s iPod sitting on the passenger seat of my car in the morning. I don’t know how it got there (I had no idea A even carries the thing around with her), but I picked it up and put it on the dash, intending to return it to her when I got the chance.

Now A’s techno/dance oriented musical tastes are a far cry from my own. I prefer Punk Rock or Oldies, or even Classical, and Electronica doesn’t really come into my horizon. Still, being in a mood for something different this morning, I decided to plug her iPod into the stereo system and check out some of her own favorites. It wasn’t halfway bad, to be honest.

I soon got into the groove, enjoying the energetic beat.

And at one of those traffic lights with interminable timers, I completely rocked out in the car. There was a newspaper on the rear seat. I picked it up and sang into it. I moved to the music. Drummed my free hand on the dashboard console. Moved my head around. Made goofy rockstar expressions. Jumped up and down in my seat. Squiggled my fingers. Held up my hands to acknowledge my imaginary fans. Thanked the crowd for the applause.

It was way cool. A closed car can give you such a nice sense of privacy,. You never get the feeling that you’re out in public.

THEN, I swiveled to my right and saw them. Small family in a grey Honda – a man, a woman, a teenaged girl, and a younger girl who might’ve been six or thereabouts. All four of them were looking STRAIGHT at me, incredulous expressions on their faces, their mouths forming round four round “O”s of surprise.

The woman caught my eye a few moments later and the entire family suddenly burst into delighted laughter, all at the same time. I laughed too. It was a good respite, I guess, from the usual glum faces that tend to greet you on Delhi roads. I gave them the thumbs up, pulled my foot off the brake and was on my way, just a bit happier at having spread some laughs around.

Music can be so awesome.

Here’s the song, btw.