Guess Who’s Back!

Is it a bird…Is it a plane…Is it…CE?!!

So yeah, you read that right. I’m back! Ta da! *crickets*

Ahem…To any of my wonderful readers loyal enough to be reading this, I offer my humblest apologies. This comeback took way longer than it should have, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve missed this space, I’ve missed hammering out those articles one after the other, I’ve missed everything. And believe me, I’d have loved to be back sooner.

Unfortunately, events have prevented me from doing that – namely, the bodily demands of a fresh corporate career, the physical exertions of moving to Bangalore and then back to Delhi in the course of that career, and the emotionally draining effects of a breakup, even one as amiable as mine (more on that sometime later).

At any rate, yours truly is now back – wiser, richer, angrier, edgier, cooler and more intense than ever before. Yours truly’s sense of humor remains as bad intact, as does his fondness for rodents, arachnids, good food, smart apps, intelligent debate and egalitarianism.

Watch this space.

PS: The cynically.engineered blog now has a spankin’ new and totally badass Gmail ID – cynically.engineered [at] gmail [dot] com. All private comments, bouquets, brickbats, threats, bribes, Nigerian scams, inheritance announcements and/or marriage proposals to be sent that way, please. Thank you 😉







17 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back!

  1. Hey CE, a hearty welcome back to the world of blogosphere and saddi dilli. you were greatly missed and sry to hear about your break up (you might want to take up on those proposals 😉 ). neverthless, looking forward to reading your tongue in cheek and enlightening posts. cheers!!

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