So This Is It For Now!

I know some people would find this a wee bit shocking, but I have decided to take a break from blogging.


Well, it’s a time thing.

I’ve just got far too much on my plate right now to take time out for this blog too. I’ve been coming to this realization for a while now, but I’ve suppressed the thought. Well, no more.
This is the stage at which my whole life is in a bit of a spin.

I probably won’t be posting for a while but this is certainly not going to be the last time you hear from me. I’ll get back to blogging the moment I get a breather.

Right now, all I can say is, it was great while it lasted! I enjoyed getting up on the soapbox. I swear some of the comments caused my head to swell just a little bit. I got no less than three marriage proposals ( 😉 ). I got an award which I still can’t seem to get over. I gained new insights. I got a chance to share thoughts and experiences with an amazing bunch of people.
Thanks for everything.

The site will stay up till I’m back.
As you can see on the sidebar, all content is under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to copy, paste and share anything you liked on here (I’d appreciate it if you credited me, though 🙂 ).

You can e-mail me here if you want:
cynicallyengineered at gmx dot com

Here’s wishing everyone all the best for their lives!

I’ll miss you guys.



16 thoughts on “So This Is It For Now!

  1. Will miss you!
    Sure was happy to have some male company (and an engineer to boot)
    Most of the blog sites I liked were those of women and so I welcomed this chance to share thoughts with another male engineer and one who was a whole generation younger.
    Anyway I quite understand your situation. Never mind about me. My career is over and I am in a semi retired state already. In a few months I will be a fully retired person with all the time in the world to read blogs and litter blogosphere with my unsolicited comments.
    You are beginning your career and I I don’t expect you to have so much time for blogging as I have.
    You are right in setting priorities.
    But, do come back as soon as you can.
    Don’t give up blogging for good.
    All you need to do is to earmark some time (say an hour or two) every week for it.
    You could cut down on the frequency of your posts to say just one a week.
    You could also resist the inclination to reply to each comment on your blog and the urge to comment every time on the blogs of others.
    That will enable you to indulge in something you are good at without overdoing it and affecting your career plans.
    Just my suggestions of course.
    Whatever you decide, you have my best wishes.
    Farewell till we meet again.

  2. Aww, you will be missed CE. Good luck and may you soon be back .
    It was my pleasure to have been the FIRST subscriber of your very popular blog.
    On a lighter note, I am surprised you received only three marriage proposals. I can absolutely see why you are considered so highly eligible :-))

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