And So She Waited

I’ve been in a rather quiet, contemplative mood these last few days.

Now that the excitement and hullaballoo of placement season has all but died, I have had some time to sit back and end the crazy twelve to fifteen-hour work cycles I’d been running on. I have also had some time to write stuff that’s a bit unusual (for me). This one just sort of wrote itself out on a stray piece of paper, and I thought I’d publish it here.

She waits,
for it is time
For him to come,
For him to arrive.

The wait has been long,
and she has waited her turn,
as she was taught.

She waited,
with baited breath,
to grow up,

To meet her prince,
to be carried away,
to be swept along,
smiling and playing and laughing,
under foreign skies,
in strange lands,
to be a string,
vibrating in harmony,
with a man she’d call her own.

She waited, but he did not come,
and when he did,
it was not he,
He who came,
was not the prince,
he was stern and implacable,
like a human God.

She slammed into the jagged rocks,
of a reality too real,
of a world too harsh.

So she waited,
to bring life,
into her dead world

To be a mother,
to drown,
in the boundless joy,
that a child would bring,
to fulfill her duty to the world,
to be touched by the sacred pain,
of a brand new person,
brought into the universe,
from her being

And for a while, her dream was real,
for a while,
she was truly blessed

But then he grew up,
and left her,
for the foreign shores,
she’d dreamed of,
in another time,
in another world,
for the learning that she never got,
for a life,
to be a true product,
of these freer times,
of these better times

The crystal was shattered,
and pearls of sorrow flowed.

And so she waited,
with her fingers crossed,
for a grandchild she could call her own

She would dote on him,
and tell him stories,
of those very lands,
that came to her in her dreams,
of those charming princes,
who visited her in lonely thoughts,
and make him the things his mother could not

And so, she would wait,
until he came,
until they arrived.

The wait was her duty,
her purpose,
her being.


14 thoughts on “And So She Waited

    • Thanks, Jackie!

      I’m still a bit of an amateur at actually writing poetry (and I’m sure it shows to a veteran like you!).

      I’m glad to hear this one hit the spot.

      My more instinctive pieces, it would appear, are better than the ones I write with deliberate purpose.

  1. as i read through the poem, the ideas that came into my mind where of those princess stories and raja rani ki kahani that we girls are made to hear or read. You are taught since childhood about these fantasies and night in shining armour. this leads to two things:-
    1. we inevitably fashion these castles in air about his so-called “happy ending”. we are made to dream up this entire “sasural” and how striving towards finding and making our prince charming happy/satisfied should be the ultimate goal.
    2. i think the other aspect which arises out of this is the unnecessary expectations that we girls then tend to harbour about our future spouses which leads to disillusionment and disappointments. another angle is the notion of guys being the protective ones and girls being oh so fragile which emerges out of these stories.

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