A Time to Wake Up

I woke up with a headache this morning. Late night coding and sitting in a stiff chair for most of the day will do that to you. So will an excess of caffeine.

Life has been in a bit of a rut and I’ve been getting impatient.

I have the motivation, the determination, the confidence to do what I want to do. I cannot sit still. I can’t get myself to just power down.

It’s time to wake up again.
It’s time to smell the coffee and stop living in an urban daze.
It’s time to DO stuff.

Today, I want to be high on life. Filled with it. Full of it. I want to have so much life that rays of it burst out of the corners. I want to be so stuffed with it that it fairly oozes out of every goddamn pore of my skin, and spreads instantly into the air like expensive cologne.

I can do anything today. I may not succeed but I will do it anyway. I want to try everything, be everywhere, and do it all twice over. I want to taste every last atom of every drop of what this world has to offer, savor it all, roll it over my tongue, and LIVE the taste. I want to SMELL the love. FEEL humanity. TASTE it’s pulse. Be one with it.

I want to slice through the cobwebs of a dreary routine, smash the barriers to my own existence into a quintillion microscopic bits. Smash them with so much force that they just cease to exist. Smash them, bang against them, slam into them, again and again until they give way.

I want that intense, crazy, white-hot energy to flow through me, sizzle into me, to encompass me, engulf me, drown me, fill me, purify me, cleanse me, drink me up. I want to drink from the cup of life, extra strong with two sugar cubes.

I want to squeeze the juice out of every single femtosecond I live today, squeeze for all I’m worth, until it yields, until it lets out its reserves of goodness.

I want to grab my girlfriend and whirl her around, make her feel happier than she has ever felt, make the bliss total, make this a day to remember, make this a day to cherish, make this a day to tell our grandchildren about. This day is special because it is ordinary, and because I have decided to make it extraordinary.

Tomorrow may be too late. I may be sad tomorrow. I may be upset tomorrow. I may be dead tomorrow.

But I AM alive right here, right now. I feel alive. And I will take advantage of that.

I’m going wake up, and go out into the sunshine, and live today. Truly, really live.


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