The Life and Times of a Traditional Indian Male

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8 thoughts on “The Life and Times of a Traditional Indian Male

  1. ROFL!!! The final USA part made me really crack up.

    A very cynical take on the current scenario. Things are not THIS bad in reality. Though for some, they are. I love funny flowcharts ^_^

  2. Wanted to comment on this yesterday but forgot.
    Yes, the engineer in you shows.
    Who else will express in a flow chart thoughts that others express in a verbose fashion.

    I would extend the flow chart a little.
    After the yellow box in the bottom right corner, I would add

    “20 years later”
    Satisfied with life in the USA?
    If yes, stay put.
    If no , come back home leaving the kids there who will refuse to come back.

    That is a common story these days.

    • LOL.

      I guess engineers can smell other engineers a mile off.

      That would probably be an accurate addition, although I do believe that many people of my own generation are looking to move back anyway. The American economy is still it tatters and India IS booming. I mean, “recession” for India is something like a 6-7 percent growth rate. It’s a fantastic time to be in job market if you have the right skills. Even better time to be an entrepreneur.

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