Happy Diwali!

So, Diwali’s here with all the usual lights, sounds and festive cheer. What will you do? Who will you visit? How will you make your Diwali completely awesome?

I’ve personally always been fond of Diwali, and it’s not just because of the Fireworks. I enjoy the lights, the general buzz in the air, the way people spend happy times with family, the way people decorate their own space whether or not they literally believe in the religious aspect. The buzz is infectious, and it gets me everytime.

Right now, I’m off to get my diyas and candles and make my contribution to lighting up the night in a way that keeps my hearing faculties intact. Here’s wishing anyone who wanders across this deserted webspace a VERY happy and prosperous Diwali. May you have fun, stay safe, and, of course, become insanely, ridiculously, rich. 😉 😀


3 thoughts on “Happy Diwali!

  1. Diwali has been generally about putting up lights, creating colourful rangoli, dressing up, buying and exchanging gifts etc. Also visiting close friends and neighbors and sharing sweets, or the more practical options with longer shelf lives, dry fruits and chocolates.

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